Name: David Simmons
Date of Birth: 06/12/1982
Nationality: English
Coaching Venues: Sackville School, Halsford Park Primary School, Edenbridge Primary school, New Valley Primary, St George’s Bickley Primary School, Charles Darwin Sports Centre, Woodcote School.
Playing Position: Goalkeeper
Playing History: Corinthian Casual’s, Old Thorntonian’s, AFC Trinity, Croydon FC, St Mary’s West Croydon.
Favourite Team: Arsenal
Favourite Player: Per Mertesacker, Ian Wright, David Seaman
Quote: ‘I want the future of Football in England to be a huge success and working from a grass routes level is where it all begins. Children make my life easy, they bring a smile to my face and it feels great being a role model for them’.

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